"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for my entire life.  But I am not a politican - I am a man of the people and for the people, and I want to work for you and make sure that YOUR voice is heard in Hartford."



If we do not address the bleeding at the state level, we cannot sustain, let alone grow.  The only way out of perpetual deficit is long term structural change.  We can do this with no new tax increases, as we showed in last year's bipartisan budget.


No new taxes - Connecticut residents already pay the 4th highest property tax in the nation, and that is unacceptable.  Our issue is not with revenue, our issue is with spending.  We must address how the state spends our money while protecting seniors, children, veterans and those who cannot care for themselves.


We must incentivize existing business to stay in our town help them recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, while providing new business an opportunity to call New Milford home.  We must create more jobs and business growth and stop with the “corporate welfare” that was handed out from Governors Malloy & Lamont.


We must alleviate traffic in New Milford.  Widening Route 7 has been beneficial, but timed lights are critical as we bottleneck into town.  The proposed tolls were not the answer but we should continue to explore every option including bringing trains back throughout the state.  Buckbee has made continued progress over the last four years, working collaboratively with the Commissioner of the DOT, the Governor and colleagues on both sides of the aisle. 


The fight is getting harder and opiate usage is causing overdoses at an alarming rate statewide.  We have made progress over the last four years but far more must be done to protect our community.  We must continue to work with mental health professionals, hospitals and counselors along with law enforcement collectively.  We must empower our judicial system to increase the penalty to dealers and reduce the risks to our families.


New Milford has a rich agricultural history, so we must ensure we are protecting local and family farms.  To continue to support them, we should introduce freshly grown foods to our school system.  Health and wellness begins with proper nutrition.


CT has the 2nd most stringent firearm laws in the country.  More laws to gun owners is not the solution, but enforcement is the right step.  We must ensure greater safety to the general public while ensuring the rights of gun owners in the process with their state and federal constitutional rights intact. 

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