Billy is described by his friends as "The TRUEST New Milfordite" they know.  He believes in giving of himself and his time for the betterment of our collective community.  A New Milford High School Graduate in 1989, Billy went to college in Indiana only to return to New Milford.  Billy said "I remember high school graduation when one of my lifelong friends said to me 'Well, good luck in college but I know you'll be back here. In 20 years I'll come visit my family and you'll be here in New Milford.'"  His friend was right.  


Billy has organized fund raisers for the town and for organizations across the state.  He works as the Executive Director of New Milford's "gem" known as Harrybrooke Park.  "I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work for the park I grew up loving.  Frank Harden left the park and museum to 'the people of the town of New Milford for the benefit of health and recreation' and it's likely the biggest gift given to our town.  I am entrusted with its financial stability but it's far more than that.  I want people to learn how great it is and to use the park.  Bring their families.  Get outside for a walk or a hike.  It's truly a magical place."

Billy's love of the town may be genetic as he is a 4th generation native, but he refuses to rest on the accomplishments of his predecessors.  "My father is my role model, there is no question there.  I'm more than proud to share his name.  He's put more into this town than I could ever imagine and I not only respect it, I'd like to honor that love of the town for all of us."


Billy's father is George C. Buckbee Sr., our retired town clerk for the Town of New Milford.  George has spent over 60 years as a member of the New Milford Community Ambulance Corps.  Yes.  That's over 60 years, and yes he is still active.  George has served in the Air Force early in his career and as a Postmaster, from which he retired before being elected as Town Clerk.  Along the way he owned a New Milford publication (The Advertiser) as well as a multiple other businesses in town.  He has spent a lifetime as a firefighter, a medic, a Boy Scout leader, a Freemason, as a Town Councilman.  Notice all of the last sentence are volunteer positions. Clearly being a volunteer runs in the Buckbee genes.

Billy loves history (mostly early American history) and stands by the statement "Those who do not learn from history are indeed destined to repeat it."  The history of our great town is wonderful, industrious and truly historic.  "Repeating history," Buckbee says "isn't always a bad thing.  We need to remember who we are and maintain our historical relevance for future generations.  The positives of our past should certainly be replicated and that includes financial growth and stability while maintaining our hometown charm.  It's balance, and it's critical. We will always have conflicting opinions and that makes America great.  It's not about 'bullying' for position with political parties, it's about working together for the compromise across the aisle to get things accomplished.  A New Milford resident, Roger Sherman, wrote the Great Connecticut Compromise which truly is the foundation of our great nation.  In order for American to be great, it starts with us.  It starts in small towns just like ours across the country with people who are willing to put in the time.  People who want to give back and build their community.  I want to take our philosophy, hard work and love of New Milford to the state level and help CT be what we all want it to be."


He's not a traditional politician.  He's one of us.  He's a regular guy.  Let's look to put a representative in Hartford who will talk to the 22,000 people of the 67th District and bring what we ALL want, collectively, to Hartford.  Financial Stability.  Growth of the economy.  STOP outrageous spending of OUR money.  Common Sense in Hartford?  Yes.  Yes.  YES!  


"Some politicians are so worried about what their parties want and they lose sight.  It's not about the parties or the title.  I am a proud Republican.  Does that mean I believe everything the national party does?  No.  Nothing is black and white, it's the grey area where change happens.  Extremists are not the answer.  Action happens across the aisle in compromise.  It's about the PEOPLE you're elected to REPRESENT.  I have no more voice than anyone else here in town.  I will listen to that and do what WE want and what WE need.  In order to do that, we need to talk so drop me a line and let me know what you want.  Let's work together."

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